Sunday, September 26, 2010

The Box Forest - Phase II

It’s not really accurate to call this a box forest; that implies some sort order. It’s more like a swam o’crap. (without the water…or the mud…or the gators).

Eventually, this room will become an office / whatever room and will also house Petey’s crate. Don’t worry, I’m not banishing Petey to the spare room, just his crate. I’m going to put a nice dog bed in the living room where his crate is now. I’ll take a picture, mostly so there will be proof the bed was actually nice. I’m sure it will not stay that way for long. Petey has an interesting habit of wrapping his bones in whatever fabric is handy and then chewing on them. (??)

Anyway, I do have a plan and will have it fully executed by Thanksgiving. (I’ve got a lot of crap to go through).

First step – organize all the Pup Squad event supplies I’ve been storing and get them OUT.

I’m goin’ in……………..


Stephanie said...

Got hip waders?

Cocotte said...

Ever seen that show, 'Hoarders'?

Kidding, just kidding :)

KB said...

Stephanie, unfortunately not.

Cocotte - I know, right?!? It does look like I'd be a candidate. In actuality I'm a complete anti-clutter freak and can only tolerate the KitchenAide on the counter because it's too damn heavy to move.