Sunday, July 10, 2011

Bye Bye, Little Blue Car

It's the end of an era....

I got my second Integra in October of 1999 and that little blue car and I have been through a lot together. Y2K, 9/11, the move to Houston, the 22 hour drive to flee Rita, the townhouse, the lay-off, the "unplanned sabbatical", the list goes on. It also hauled more dogs and puppies around in the last couple of years, than I can count. I'm really going to miss it.

Leaving it for the last time this weekend was a little weird, but I know someone else is going to have a lot of fun with that little car. And I LOVE my new car. I have a 2008 Rav4. VERY Pup Squad friendly, not to mention, while I miss the pick up and handling of my little sports (okay, sporty) car, I'm don't miss that stick shift when there's an accident on I-45!

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